Erectile Dysfunction and Age: Causes and Possible Solutions

Striving to learn the reasons of impotence appearance or possible ways to improve it, one should start with its essence. First of all, erectile dysfunction is a male condition that affects the blood circulation and penile muscles. The main feature of impotence is an inability to achieve and hold an erection sufficient for a satisfactory sexual intercourse. Generally, this issue appears with age, but currently the situation is changing greatly. According to the statistics, more and more young men are getting impacted by erectile dysfunction and its frustrating symptoms. The results of numerous experiments and poles showed that over 5% of males under the age of 40 experience the condition, while the percent is constantly growing. 8% of males between 40-49 are facing the condition. Over 30% of people between 50 and 59 get the issue, while the most frequently (over 45%) get affected after 60 years old.

However, aging does not presuppose erectile dysfunction, even though it can increase the risk of its appearance. The process of male sexual arousal depends mainly on sequence of certain events in the organism that start with the brain and finish in the penile area. Thus, normal erection after 50 is real, but you need to control your body functions. Besides, it is inevitable to treat the conditions that may aggravate ED, such as heart-related problems, diabetes, increase cholesterol level and others. Make sure you have no underlying disorders and enjoy stiff erection irrespective of your age.

Correlation between Age and Erectile Dysfunction

Despite the frequency of impotence occurrence increases with age, it is possible to prevent the condition and treat at its early stages. As a rule, the inability to keep and hold erection appears as a result of health impairments, or as a side effect of certain medications. The reason why erectile dysfunction is related to age is because the vast majority of diseases affect older men, especially:

  • Decreased testosterone level;
  • Diabetes;
  • Multiple sclerosis;
  • Enlarged prostate;
  • Hypertension;
  • Heart disorders;
  • High cholesterol;
  • Parkinson’s disease and others.

How to Hold Erection at Age 60 and More

Despite all the possible reasons and causes, erectile dysfunction is treatable and can be easily improved both naturally and with the help of effective medication. Life changes are inevitable for elimination of impotence symptoms. Keep in mind that there are many psychological factors that influence male functioning, including anxiety, embarrassment, stress and others. Learn to control the emotions, and you will make a significant step towards the condition improvement.

Besides, it is inevitable to treat other health problems that cause or aggravate erectile dysfunction. Consult your healthcare provider to get the optimal medication to improve the situation. Quit smoking, forget about stress and build good relations with your partner.

If there is still no help, you can choose one of quality and effective erectile dysfunction drugs available in the pharmaceutical market. They will definitely boost your male power and ability to keep erection long.

Erectile Dysfunction: How to See the Real Problem

Possible Impotence CausesErectile dysfunction is a widely spread male disorder that affects both physical and psychological state. While the condition occurs only sometimes, it is a normal state of things. Though, impotence that disturbs you more and more often is a reason for serious concern. The issue can be caused by numerous factors, though it can also trigger undesirable consequences, including stress, depression, frustration, low self-esteem, relationship disorders and others.

When Is the Time to See the Doctor?

So, what should one do if the condition appears more and more frequently? Surely, you need to observe its symptoms and investigate possible reasons of its occurrence. Once there are no obvious irritants, you should consult your healthcare provider. Still, some patients prefer to stay untreated rather than reveal the condition and look for alternative ways to improve it. However, keep in mind that untreated erectile dysfunction can cause even more severe complications. Besides, the issue can signal about more serious health disorders, such as diabetes, uncontrolled blood pressure, artery disorders and some cardiovascular diseases. Thus, if the condition appears increasingly often and is accompanied by low libido and related sex disorders, it is surely the time to consult your doctor.

Possible Impotence Causes

To eliminate the symptoms of ED, it is inevitable to find out its causes. Among the most frequent reasons of impotence development are:

  • Physical problems, such as obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, nerve damage, low testosterone, kidney disorders, thyroid impairments and others.
  • Emotional issues, including stress, fatigue, depression, anxiety, family disorders, frequent quarrels, etc.

However, sometimes the problem can be caused by complex reasons, both physical and psychical.

Safe, Effective and Cheap ED Treatments

When at the doctor’s, you need to provide the specialist with detailed information about your health condition and other problems that disturb you. A correct diagnosis will be based on the medical history and certain physical examination. As a result, you will get a prescription to improve sexual function.

Your doctor is likely to prescribe you one of approved and time-tested erectile dysfunction treatments, such as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. However, the development of the pharmaceutical sphere resulted in a great number of less expensive, though the same effective impotence treatments. Apcalis-SX serves a revolutionary ED drug that stimulates the desired effect without possible harm to other vital body functions. The medication features a powerful impact on the organism, fast action and durable effect. Taking the pill right, you are sure to experience boosted erectile function, increased libido and improved sex drive.