Why overcooling is bad for men’s health

The urinary system is a part of the body, which is highly sensitive to both heat and cold. It is especially true for men as due to the physiology their sex organs are more exposed to the temperature impact.

Heat is known to harm sperm production and male fertility on the whole. But how does cold affect male sexual health? Continue reading

Essential Annual Checkups for Men

Medical examinations allow you to make an assessment of your health condition from time to time. Also, in this way you can quickly identify problems that may remain dormant with a potential to turn into something very serious. Annual health checkups have long become a matter of traditional practice, remaining an effective preventive healthcare measure. Continue reading

Useful Products for Prostate Health

The rapid growth of the number of men suffering from prostate cancer makes scientists look for the natural products that may help to take control of the situation. The disease may show no signs of troubles at the initial stages making it especially dangerous. That’s why it is so important to pay attention to its health and try to support it in all possible ways.

Even the choice of right food products can do good to the condition of this organ. Here are the most useful foods you may eat to keep your prostate healthy. Continue reading

Top 7 Reasons to Go In for Sports

Following the medical information, a sedentary lifestyle is one of the most common causes of health disorders. While some conditions are directly caused by low activity, others are aggravated by this factor. Anyway, leading an active lifestyle and being engaged in sports is important for balanced health. First of all, the health benefits of sports presuppose strengthening of the bones and toning of muscles, which are inevitable for proper body functioning. Additionally, playing sports, you supply the organism with the necessary energy and discipline. Continue reading

How to Stay Fit after 50

Healthy aging is a hot trend these days. The main key to staying fit after 50 is leading a healthy lifestyle, no matter if you’re concerned about chronic diseases, sex drive, or weight gain. For example, practicing a portion control, eating different nutritious meals, and including physical activities into your daily routine can help you promote healthy aging. Continue reading

Male Genital Injuries: Consequences and Prevention

Men’s genital injuries and problems are rather common since the penis and scrotum are not protected by bones. Thus, it is easy to harm them as a result of:

  • Recreational activities;
  • Professional sport;
  • Completion of work-related tasks;
  • Sexual intercourses;
  • Falls and others.

Biking, playing soccer, swimming or being involved in other activities can hide the risk to male reproductive organs. Continue reading

Prostatitis Prevention in Males

Prostatitis is a drastic condition, which triggers inflammation, excess tenderness and swelling of the prostate gland. The condition is frequently painful and ultimately felt during ejaculation and peeing. Unfortunately, there is no definite cause of the condition, specified by medical specialists, but urinary tract infection is often to blame. Besides, in a considerable part of times, a real cause of the disorder occurrence is not found. On the other hand, prostatitis has no definite cause but presupposes a challenging treatment, which can take months and years. Continue reading

Nutrition Peculiarities for Men after 45

As a man ages, the body needs change too. Additionally, certain age specifications require more attention to some products and health aspects. Therefore, following eating recommendations or even keeping to a diet can be the only solution. Keeping weight off becomes difficult, as a more sedentary life period appears and eliminates the amount of lean body mass you have. Consequently, males over 45 are more susceptible to significant and rapid weight gain. Continue reading