Premature Ejaculation Can Bother Not Only Young Males

Premature ejaculation, similar to erectile dysfunction, is quite an unpleasant and dangerous disorder. Since timing is ultimately important, the inability to control ejaculation can cause a range of disorders and complications. Lack of satisfaction, anxiety, stress and relationship disorders can be the consequence of rapid climaxing. Despite the condition is embarrassing and frustrating, it requires medical assistance, and the faster, the better. Continue reading

Health Disorders Decreasing Erectile Function

Erectile function is one of the most important and appreciated functions of the male organism. The inability to achieve and maintain an erection for a sufficient time during the intercourse decreases self-confidence of a man and ruins his desire for further sexual experiences. Thus, preventing the problem is ultimately important and presupposes certain actions. Continue reading

First Signs of Erectile Dysfunction

Many men experience problems with their potency, and there are different factors that affect their male health. In some cases weak or absent erections are temporary, and this problem goes away on its own. In other cases, erectile dysfunction is fully formed and requires proper medical care and attention. Continue reading

Possible Reasons of Failures in Bed

Romantic relationships, passion and sexual desire are the factors that contribute to the quality of your sexual experience. Sexual failures can work opposite, ruining the relations or completely breaking them. Poor sexual performance is not only a reason for sexual dissatisfaction in a couple, but also considerable psychological and physical impairments in a man. Frequently you know the reason of failure pretty well and may not want to admit, but sometimes the cause is not clear. Continue reading

Modern Methods of Sexual Vigor Advance

Male potency is an ability to obtain an erection and hold it during the sexual intercourse in order to experience satisfactory and pleasurable sex. Besides, potency is sometimes interpreted as an ability to conceive, while others view it as a usual ability to erect. Anyway, the problem of impotence is ultimately growing and hitting an advancing number of males. Thus, it is inevitable to be aware of the condition, its symptoms and possible consequences. Continue reading

Physiology of Erection: How It Occurs

Sexual function is one of the most important and valued features in the organism. Known as penile erection, the issue presupposes elevation, hardening and enlargement of the penis. However, achieving erection naturally, males do not usually think about the ways of its occurrence, but the vast majority of people with erectile dysfunction try to understand the whole process. The slightest impairment at any stage can result in severe complications gaining and holding an erection. Therefore, it is inevitable to be aware of the processes that happen during male erection. Continue reading