What are men afraid of in bed and how to deal with it?

Passion and desire that people feel before sex often go side by side with a fear. The reasons for such a companionship may be different, yet it’s important to deal with the issue right away. Otherwise, it may grow into sexual performance anxiety, problems with a partner, and, consequently, end of the relations.

Sexual fears are often met in women. However, men may also have a number of fears influencing their sexual performance: Continue reading

7 Pieces of a Sexologist’s Advice for Men

Almost all men have troubles with premature ejaculation on certain stages of their life. The most common cause is overly large periods between intercourses. In this case, you accumulate a great deal of sexual tension and then a surge of excitement follows, resulting in premature ejaculation. It does not really require medical attention – what you really need looks more like drilling, meaning you should quit those talks and pills and harness your sexual arousal instead. Continue reading

5 Foods you’d Better Avoid before Sex

Food being a vital constituent of our life may have a serious impact on our feelings, emotions, and even on our libido. A wrong choice made at dinner may spoil the intimacy and the romantics of the moment with an awful odor or gases.

Not to spoil your date, feel full of energy and sex drive, you should better avoid eating the foods we are going to speak about. Continue reading

Safest Ways of Contraception for Men

Considering contraception for men and women, it is necessary to mention a whole range of available options for females and limited variants for males. On average, all the possible birth control methods are restricted to vasectomy and condoms. However, the reality is different, and men can take the maximal advantage out of minimum 5 extra ways to prevent unplanned and unwanted pregnancy. Continue reading

Single Failure in Bed Is Not a Reason for Concern

According to medical information, erectile dysfunction is a constant inability to achieve and maintain an erection, sufficient for a pleasurable and satisfactory intercourse. The condition is not only about sexual failure, it is about a repeated, permanent problem. Therefore, a single failure is usually not a reason for concern. Continue reading

What Females Like in Bed

Romantic dinner or interesting and intriguing foreplay? What can work better and stimulate a successful, pleasurable and satisfactory intercourse? Some women prefer romantic, soft intercourse with the feeling of exceptional care and love, while others are more interested in rude foreplay and harsh sex. However, irrespective of preferences, there are certain things the vast majority of women want to experience in bed. They can be summarized into the following: Continue reading

How Regular Sex Has a Positive Impact on Your Appearance

If you’re one of those spending a lot of money on anti-aging serums and creams, you should consider the positive effects of regular sex on your appearance because it offers a better alternative according to many studies. They prove that a healthy sex life can provide you with a number of beauty benefits and improve your overall appearance. Continue reading

Relaxing Massage as a Foreplay

When your sex life is not that active and relations are getting worse, adding something new will not harm. Instead, it will bring pleasurable feelings and a range of benefits to the intercourse. Deepen your relations with the help of a sensual massage, which is a great foreplay that helps relax, explore the body of your partner and stimulate intimacy. Continue reading

Organizing Romantic Date for the Beloved One

Love is not about words only, but also about actions. Generally, family life is a complicated thing which requires much time, attention, love, and patience. Moreover, similar to other feelings, love tends to decrease with time, especially if it is not heated up. Thus, all the couples, both newly formed and experienced ones, should take much effort to save their relations. Continue reading